Vocational Fitness Curriculum Sample: Grades 3-6

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  • All ABLE Physical Education curriculums are grounded in the ABLE Framework and are designed to support the ABLE individual in developing cognitive, social-emotional, sensory, physical, and social skills. This skill building is supported in the physical education environment that provides equitable support for the diverse needs of the ABLE Individual in the inclusive classroom space.

  • The overall goal of the Vocational Fitness Unit is to help individuals build emerging or missing skills that will support them as they navigate school and daily life interactions.

  • The Vocational Fitness unit is focusing on building and strengthening the seven functional movement patterns squat, gait, twist, hip hinge, lunge, push, and pull. These seven functional movement patterns are focused on throughout five different 2-week units titled Movement Concepts, Throwing, Dribbling, Kicking, and Striking and Volleying. Included are 50 Learning Plans in Five 2-Week Units with coordinating movement videos by tiers.

  • The entire Vocational Fitness unit is aligned with the National SHAPE Physical Education Standards and National Shape Health Standards.
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overview of sample
See how the Vocational Fitness curriculum can be used in your class for all students!   Includes Learning Plan and video samples.
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included in Sample
  • Introduction
  • Sample Learning Plan from Unit 1
  • View Movement Videos by Tiers
  • Other Sample Learning Plan Topics

Sample Contents

Kelli Odden
Doctorate of Education
Ashley Nelson
Master of Science in Education
Nate Hendrickson
Bachelor of Science Health, P.E. DAPE
Leslie Frie
Master of Occupational Therapy
Tyler Hetland
Master of Science Leadership in
Physical Education and Sport