"Be Seen, Be Felt, Be Heard"
ABLE Framework

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Course DescripTION:
  • See, Feel, and Hear more from your students and yourself. Through this course you will gain tools to communicate more effectively. This course will reinforce and introduce ways in which you interpret your students, yourself, and your curriculum to employ strategies to plan, prepare, present, and progress skill. The outcome will be effective communication that supports stronger relationships, balanced behavior, time on task, and skill development.

  • Course = 1 credit

  • June 12 - August 2, 2024
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Add to your education toolbox with our ABLE Framework course "Be Seen, Be Felt, Be Heard".
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included in course:
  • Course Curriculum
  • Expert Instructors
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Course Requirement:
Active Gmail account
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Cost of Course:
$100(Course only)
*$150 (with Continuing Education Credit from NDSU)

*Link to purchase credit from NDSU is inside curriculum, credit not required to purchase course
Course Instructors
Kristen M. Ford, Ph.D
Associate Professor, Health Education, Physical Education and General Secondary Pedagogy  
Nate Hendrickson
Bachelor of Science Health, P.E. DAPE