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Developed to build inclusion, welcome diversity and promote equity, ABLE™ In School helps children with special needs and their peers thrive in the same classroom — together!

The K-12 ABLE™ P.E. curriculums were developed for you by educators. It’s a scaled approach to helping the whole child. Using the ABLE™ Framework as your guide you’ll teach powerful emotional, social and behavioral skills along with physical skills to build confidence and connection that empower each learner as an ABLE™ Individual.
“I've never used a product like this (ABLE™ In School) that so strongly engages students of all abilities with one another."
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Why Choose

It's the only Plug-and-Play Curriculum WITH Learning Plans.  ABLE™ In School’s standards-based curriculum and framework for K-12 comes with embedded learning plans with:

 Plug and play class solutions (with/without neurotypical students)

ABLE™ Tiers that differentiate instruction to meet the equity needs of each student

ABLE™ Movement videos for each Tier

ABLE™ Dynamic Warm-Up and Challenges

Peer-to-peer mentoring with individualized pace flow

Strategies that work in any setting and with/without equipment

Detailed Learning Plans with embedded SEL

24/7 curriculum that works in any setting

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"LOVE the videos!  They are beneficial for the students the first few days of the week's workout!"
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PILOT Program -
Vocational Fitness:
Grades K-6

  • Peer to Peer
  • ABLE Framework and Individual
  • 50 Learning Plans
  • Aligned to Standards

PILOT Program -
Vocational Fitness, 18 Week Unit:
Grades 6-12

  • Peer to Peer
  • ABLE Framework and Individual
  • 45 Learning Plans
  • Aligned to Standards